Introduction to Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

All fields of human actions where all or partially physical, mental or spiritual, is largely dependent on the electrical power within our body. With proper concentration, it can generate remarkable creativity and dynamism, beyond one’s imagination.

All human beings are capable of manifesting far increased amounts of power than is typically assumed. This guide introduces you to the artwork of awakening this extraordinary capability presently latent in your physique and mind.

The techniques for individual development in this guide have traditionally been practiced in the Kung Fu. But the large levels of power they create support to transform every day daily life beyond applications of martial arts. They enhance your stamina and brain energy to the extent of “out of phase”. The final results perform wonders in demanding professions. They give you resilience in large-pressure environments and unlock astonishing inventive electrical power in the doing arts.

The cultivation of human energy is a single of the great achievements of the planet’s oldest surviving civilization. In the legacy of Chinese culture, the human being is understood to be an area of vitality. All-natural scientists and healthcare professionals have worked in excess of the centuries to figure out how best to sustain, replenish and improve this crucial power, identified as Chi. It often takes more than a lifetime to master Chi and very few have ever mastered this so called Chi Power.

The methods the Chinese produced for functioning with our vitality are recognized as Chi Kung, which actually means “internal energy exercising. “The most strong kind of Chi Kung or Qi Gong begins with energy perform involving almost no external movement. How is this possible? This distinctive technique is named Zhan Zhuang, pronounced “jam jong. “It is most frequently identified as Standing Like a Tree. The stationary postures stabilize the entire body and unblock the flow of Chi.

At a later stage of practice, they can be combined with carefully developed movements to make outstanding power, a power over 1000 pounds.

Because Chi Kung exercises are so successful in raising our energy amounts, they are usually employed as basic training for martial arts. The practice of Zhan Zhuang is the basis of one of the most potent martial arts known to the Chinese as Da Cheng Chuan, which signifies The Fantastic Accomplishment.

Da Cheng Chuan was the crowning achievement of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai (pronounced “wang shang jai”), who journeyed for a lot more than ten years throughout China in the 1st portion of the 20th century, learning underneath the excellent masters of his day. In the 1920s, he began sharing the fruit of his study with college students in Shanghai and later in Beijing.
While there are mentioned to be couple of, if any, martial arts techniques much more stronger than Da Cheng Chuan, the experience its enduring rewards as you go about your life and perform. Your mind and entire body turn out to be exceptionally alert. Your mental and emotional faculties are refreshed. You encounter greater resilience below pressure and recover a lot more very easily from sickness and damage.

As you function via this website you will uncover cautious instructions, meticulously illustrated. These consider you from the 1st phases of practice by means of to innovative levels previously unpublished in the West. You will be taught how to use the Five Energies technique in the larger ranges of Da Cheng Chuan. You will also learn the way in which precisely controlled movements can be coordinated with essential postures to raise the entire body’s vitality to dramatic levels. Nonetheless, as with all arts, the fundamentals need to be understood initial and then employed as a basis for even more achievement.

No matter what level of accomplishment you attain, the energy work in this website will begin to produce enhanced inner strength. With careful practice you will be able to use and direct that electrical power in all facets of your daily lifestyle.


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