Chinese Government Policy on Kung Fu (Wushu)

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Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the General Staff Military unit, each Profession Athletic Association, the relevant departments of martial arts sports colleges, Chinese Wushu Association Member units:

To fully implement the Party’s 18 and eighteenth session of the Third, Fourth, Fifth Plenum, thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, implementing the “National Fitness Program (2016-2020)”, “Sports Development thirteen five development plan “, give full play in the implementation of martial arts fitness national strategy to promote health in the construction of China’s important role in martial arts to better guide work in all areas.

According to the overall deployment of the new situation and development of martial arts, the State Council and the General Administration of Sport is facing new tasks and new requirements, the State Sports General Administration of Wushu Administrative Center to develop a “Chinese Wushu Development Five-Year Plan (2016-2020)”, is issued to you, please follow.

General Administration of Sport Martial Arts Center

July 22, 2016

Report: Chinese Wushu Development Five-Year Plan

Chinese Wushu Development Five-Year Plan


“Thirteen Five” period China is building a moderately prosperous society of decisive stage, coordinate the promotion of the “four comprehensive” strategic layout, to achieve “two hundred years,” the grand objective of the critical period and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, but also the construction health China to promote strategic opportunities sports great development. As China’s Wushu excellent traditional culture and sports, fitness is an important part, is facing new opportunities and challenges.

To implement the “National Fitness Program (2016-2020)”, “sports development, 13 Five-Year Plan” and the deployment of the relevant requirements, give full play to the implementation of martial arts fitness national strategy to promote health in the construction of China’s important role in promoting martial arts career comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, according to the new situation and the overall deployment of martial arts development, the State Council and the General Administration of Sport is facing new tasks and new requirements, the development of this plan.

First, the general requirements

(A) guiding ideology

Fully implement the Party’s 18 and eighteenth session of the Third, Fourth, Fifth Plenum, thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, closely around the “four comprehensive” strategic layout and the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy General Administration of Sport work requirements, firmly establish and implement the innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development concept.

In accordance with the completion of a comprehensive well-off society and promoting the health of the Chinese construction requirements to serve the fitness of national strategies to meet the people’s growing diverse fitness needs as the starting point and goal, adhere to the people-oriented, reform leading, innovation-driven, enhance service, attention working principle of effectiveness in the field of social martial arts, competitive martial arts, international promotion, martial arts culture, martial arts education in Wushu, martial arts industry as the focus, build a strong martial art, Wu ceremony, Takenori three pillars, and develop the traditional martial arts, athletics three areas of martial arts, martial arts industry, good education martial arts, martial arts research, three martial arts promotion work.

Good service amateur, professional, career three martial arts crowd, play good a teaching martial arts skills, martial arts and cultural heritage, spread the spirit of martial arts, healthy living ideas passed four role in promoting the healthy martial arts, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, for building well-off society and building a new objective to contribute to the health of China.

(B) the basic principles

– Taking into account the principles of innovation and tradition. Pay attention to the cultural identity of martial arts, martial arts to maintain synchronization technology innovation and cultural heritage, mining and strengthen the protection of traditional martial arts, martial arts activities to support civil society; to promote martial arts standardized construction, improve the level of martial arts development.

– Fitness and education combined principles. Services fitness of national strategies to guide and inspire the masses to participate in martial arts fitness sciences; promote the martial spirit, strengthen Takenori education, advocacy Wu lifelong education, enhance national self-confidence and enhance national cultural soft power.

– Both domestic and international principles. Based on domestic, the world, relying on the influential national and international organizations and exchange platform, set up martial arts exchange platform, and comprehensively promote the popularization of Wushu civil society, strengthen international interaction.

– Public and Industrial compatibility principles. Adhere to the development of public welfare direction martial arts, martial arts industry to strengthen guidance, and create a competitive and orderly, fair and honest market environment; to promote the healthy development of martial arts industry, a reasonable guide public consumption martial arts.

(Iii) development goals

– Social widely popular martial arts association at all levels of the organization and improve efficiency, rich and colorful folk martial arts activities, people generally increased awareness of Wushu, martial arts practitioners steadily increasing population, the number of martial arts exercise 10% of the number of sports training.

– Innovation and development of competitive martial arts, to further optimize the competition system, competition harmonious environment purification, standardization of construction is substantially complete, coaches, referees, athletes reserve personnel management and security system more perfect.

– Broadening the international promotion of martial arts, martial arts and vigorously promote the bid process, extensive martial arts into the Confucius Institute, the Confucius Classroom, Chinese cultural centers, embassies and other organizations, the martial arts has become an important part of China’s foreign sports and cultural exchanges, to assist countries Hanban, the Confucius Institute in the world and strive to more than 50% of the martial Arts teaching activities.

– Vigorously promote the martial arts culture, military education, militarism, Takenori core values deeply rooted heritage study and explore career mode, a scientific martial arts and cultural heritage protection.

– School Wushu focus on promoting education, strengthening cooperation with the Ministry of Education to encourage and support graduates entering primary and secondary schools to teach martial arts, martial arts teachers to further optimize the structure of the national primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities offer a wide range of martial arts courses, and strive for Youngsters population annually 10%.

– Wushu research breakthrough, give full play to the role of Wushu Research Institute, integration of the national martial arts research resources, cooperation to build all kinds of martial arts research institutes, academic activities to create high-end brand, to strengthen the practical application of innovation and research, scientific research has increased significantly.

– Martial arts industry takes shape, martial arts market vibrant, strong sense of service, a substantial increase in the level of martial arts career, focusing on creating a number of domestic and international influence, competitive martial arts industry brand.

Second, extensive social activities in martial arts, fitness service national strategy

(Iv) provide a variety of martial arts supply activities.

Because, because of, the masses because of the need to carry around martial arts fitness activities, research and development for the public to exercise martial arts exercise methods, enrich and improve the system of martial arts fitness activities, increasing the masses to promote its services, to create “shadow boxing health project” as the representative a series of martial arts fitness brand; regularly organized martial arts masters, experts and elite athletes volunteer service to carry out martial arts fitness, exhibition publicity to increase public awareness of martial arts fitness advocate to develop a scientific, healthy and civilized lifestyle.

(V) change the run game ideas, stimulate the vitality of the market, collaborate, create brand events.

Encourage, support, regulate and guide social forces to organize various sports events of martial arts, to create “Mayor’s Cup”, “entrepreneur Cup,” “Tai Chi Open” and other brand events, forming prominent features, forms, content-rich social martial arts sports events system to meet the needs of different social groups in various fields.

(F) Strengthening Rural Construction martial arts.

Improve the evaluation system of martial arts village, the implementation of dynamic management, encourage striving for martial arts village; extensive “martial arts six into” work to expand around the masses practitioners place increased urban and rural martial morning and evening practicing site to attract more people to participate Wushu fitness activities; improve membership and network to promote Dan system, a substantial increase in Wushu Association Member backbone population.

(Vii) steadily “Wushu Association to promote the Ten-Year Plan.”

Analyzed pilot experience, improve, improve, improve, develop Sanda Dan system system, to explore pilot Dan System athletes hierarchy convergence model; networking from national to local appraisal mechanism, standardized carding Dan system test points incorporated unit member management system , reflecting the service function, a standardized, normalized appraisal certification system, to promote the expansion of coverage and coverage Wushu Dan.

Third, the innovation and development of competitive martial arts, competition system optimization specification

(Viii) promote the event, the competition system reform and innovation, optimize competition rules, procedures and Judgment.

Strengthen all kinds of domestic and international Wushu, Sanshou short soldiers, Muay Thai, kickboxing and other events exchanges, explore new mode of competition; deepen Young Wushu competition system, and gradually establish a hierarchical timber law in line with adolescents, teenagers graded race system and the system; rational use of high-tech means to reduce the impact of human factors, to promote the electronic scoring system and results processing system standardization, and gradually perfect race registration standardization system.

(Ix) to strengthen the referees, coaches, team building.

Establish Referees recording and evaluation system, the implementation of certification system of martial arts coaches, referees will train coaches teams, assessment, identification and management, included in the scope of work of the Governing Body of the martial arts, the implementation of dynamic management, raise the overall level of business.

(J) the importance of professional athletes and talents in.

Strengthen the construction and management of the national team, sports teams to strengthen political and ideological style construction, pay attention to athletes’ education and improve literacy; implementation of martial arts Adolescent Reserve personnel training project, the development of reserve personnel training and long-term development plan, consolidate the foundation for development of competitive martial arts.

(Xi) to encourage technological innovation, standardized technology system.

Promote the standardization of construction, regulate the domestic and international unity of the technical system, pay attention to exercise levels, and promote the rapid increase in the level of competitive martial arts, martial arts demonstration to lead the direction of development; research and development of various types of athletic events standardization compose publishing textbooks, training program, teaching CD-ROM.

(Xii) improve scientific level of training and management.

Strengthening Training Monitoring, innovative training concepts and methods to improve the training, scientific research, medical care in close connection with scientific training operation mechanism; promote training base building at all levels, and gradually built a full-featured, leading technology, advanced facilities, clear indicators, research and security training system.

(Xiii) to strengthen the “two responsibilities” to implement.

Practice the “three strict three real”, and promote the martial arts industry punishing and preventing corruption, strengthening the competitive style tournament discipline and anti-doping work, establish a good matches, and resolutely safeguard an open, fair, equitable, healthy, standardized and orderly martial arts development environment.

Fourth, to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, expand marketing channels martial arts

(Xiv) to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

In “along the way” development strategy as an opportunity to increase foreign martial arts coaches, referees and athletes training to increase the number of expatriate teachers martial arts, martial arts equipment assistance and expand output, additional martial arts exchange delegation, regularly organizing various martial arts display exchange activities, martial arts gradually increase foreign aid, focusing on long-term relationship with the international Wushu Federation member.

(15) give full play to the role of institutions abroad.

Extensive international cooperation and establish contact, to build institutions abroad marketing platform to strengthen cooperation with embassies, Chinese Culture Center, Chinese enterprises overseas institutions, overseas Chinese play, the role of students, to strengthen cooperation with Hanban, advance Wushu into the Confucius Institute, the Confucius classroom.

(Xvi) Promoting competitive martial arts bid process.

Strengthen cooperation with the International Wushu Federation, an international martial arts tournament explore development model, focusing on creating an international exchange of martial arts brand events, making martial arts sports become an important carrier and foreign exchange; to actively promote the martial arts in the world to carry out high school students Games; step by step into the martial arts Commonwealth Games, World Games, as well as the regional comprehensive sports world, efforts to promote the Athletic Wushu into the Olympic Games.

Fifth, vigorously promote the martial arts culture, strengthen the traditional martial arts and heritage protection

(Xvii) promote the martial spirit, enhance national self-confidence.

Takenori strengthen education, promote “Military Morality, patriotic and law-abiding, respecting, humble faith, fortitude self-reliance” spirit of morality; cultivate upward struggle, self-improvement, courageous, courage to take on the excellent quality of the Chinese nation and enhance national self-confidence.

(Xviii) military advocate of lifelong education for People Wushu education system.

Explore the founder of “military school” and other popular martial arts service organizations, play a social function and value of martial arts culture, practice the socialist core values, inspire patriotism, national spirit, to enhance the value of the era of martial arts.

(XIX) to strengthen the protection of heritage and traditional martial arts.

Specification inheritance and protection of traditional boxing, improve the elderly and endangered traditional boxing representative inheritors rescue protection mechanism, to determine the characteristics of boxing focus on the promotion of representative; strengthen Wushu Research Institute Academy of Tibetan literature research and conservation, research and development achievements literature and public social services; emphasis on martial arts books, research protection of ancient boxing spectrum, equipment, and other sites of cultural relics, traditional martial arts inscription increase efforts to promote the coordinated development of martial arts boxing each.

(Xx) the establishment of vocational study inheritance mechanism.

Explore cooperation to build national, provincial and municipal expert workshops, the role of civil representation and martial arts Wushu Wushu practitioners in the promotion and development of social norms of traditional martial arts; Martial technical cadres to strengthen social construction, explore a new model of social martial arts instructor, bruiser, volunteer management, increase civil demonstration character, excavation and support efforts leading figures, play a role in the national fitness.

Sixth, efforts to promote the martial arts school education, improve the mechanism for training martial arts teacher

(21) focus on promoting the martial arts into the campus.

Emphasis on youth and martial arts school education, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments of the Ministry of Education, to speed up the “Wushu Association” and “martial arts aerobics” in campus popularize and promote the inclusion of all kinds of martial arts school curricula; compose or revise “Teaching Materials” and “syllabus” to regulate the curriculum, encouraging regional specialties boxing school-based curriculum.

(Xxii) perfect martial arts teacher training mechanism.

Implementation of outstanding teachers training program, to encourage and support the martial arts graduates enter primary and secondary schools to teach martial arts to promote the steady growth of the total adolescent teachers; organized by Youth Wushu teaching skills competition, etc., selection of some outstanding teachers to participate in Junior Wushu teaching and training work to mobilize Primary martial arts teacher enthusiasm.

(Xxiii) emphasis on martial arts professional disciplines.

Advantage Sports College to play in teaching martial arts in the field of education, scientific research, personnel training and other aspects, leading the discipline development; strengthening of martial arts schools, the Children’s Palace, clubs and other social forces of standardized management and guidance, enhance the educational level; the establishment of martial arts arts school teacher certification system, improve the level of teachers, to encourage and support social forces to organize all kinds of martial arts education and training activities, explore the promotion of martial arts Wushu competitions and cultural patterns of combining education.

(Xxiv) Youth Wushu broaden educational channels.

Strengthen cooperation with the Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Education and the State Sports General Administration, jointly developed and implemented into the village of Chinese Martial Arts School Children’s Palace in teacher training programs; the establishment of a wide range of “Dan made teacher training base”, “Traditional Sports School”, “Children’s Palace martial arts teacher training base “; encourage the establishment of Young Wushu summer camps, winter camps and other vocational training mechanisms in various forms, a variety of mechanisms to protect the basic rights of adolescents martial arts education.

Seven, give full play to the role of Wushu Research Institute, pay attention to technological innovation Martial Arts

(Xxv) to promote Wushu Research Institute materialized exploration.

Reforming the management system of innovation and development mechanisms, and practical Wushu Research Institute research institutions; give full play to the leading role of the National Academy of martial arts, martial arts integrated use of national resources to research institutions, local governments and social forces to mobilize the enthusiasm and cooperation to build a base in Wushu , research centers and branch Wushu Research Institute and other research institutions.

(Ii xvi) to strengthen cooperation with the General Administration of Sport Research authorities.

Increase research funding and policy support, improve Wushu Research Institute Academy of pipe task specification, set up martial arts academic exchange platform, focusing on creating the national martial arts papers report, the National Wushu Science Congress, Forum and other academic activities of high-end brands, improve the Academy of Sciences “Chinese Wushu research “academic level, to promote scientific research into and enhance the level of martial arts research.

(Xxvii) importance to scientific research personnel.

Young martial arts implement research personnel training program, organized by the National Seminar Dr., young martial arts teacher training classes, martial arts strengthen professional young teachers, doctors, masters and other research reserve personnel training; give full play to the Committee of Experts, scientific committee, the work of young scholars role of the Commission think tank, in order to gradually establish a committee of experts to as the core, young scholars echelon, the old, the young combination of scientific research personnel.

(28) support, guide and encourage research and innovation, and focus on the main task of the current national Wushu development, to address the development of Wushu in the major theoretical issues, strategic issues, and key issues as the focal point, to strengthen systematic, forward-looking and applied research of decisions.

Strengthen basic research and practice martial arts exercise on the improvement of human health effect, and give full play to the guiding role of science and technology in the martial arts, martial arts vigorously carry out scientific fitness, improve the technological content of Wushu methods and means for the development of science and technology undertakings martial guarantee and theoretical support.

Eight, coordination martial arts industry to cultivate the market and guide the consumer demand for martial arts

(29) strengthen policy guidance, promote market-oriented Wushu competition, professional process.

Sanda establish professional event platform to explore routine professional mechanism to speed up the development of martial arts career; standardize all kinds of martial arts professional club to play its important role in the dominant position and the professional; actively explore market-oriented mode of operation of various competitions projects such as market tender, business title, media co-operation mode, the establishment of martial arts professional management system to protect the legitimate rights and interests involved in martial arts professional body to promote their healthy development.

(Thirty) to create a professional brand competition, martial arts cultivate market players.

In Sanda as a breakthrough, the development of Wushu commercial events, cultivate martial arts market players, to stimulate vitality of the market, and actively develop wushu Opponent commercial events, improve the professional level of martial arts development, strengthening the professional ranks, to build Sanda Premier League, Movement king the King competition, ultimate fighting, kickboxing, Muay Thai professional league competitions and other commercial activities, fostering competitive with Chinese characteristics and international influence brand of martial arts industry, and strive to create a number of well-known brands of commercial events.

(Thirty i) exploring martial arts industry development model to encourage social forces to invest.

Strengthening policy guidance, optimize the industrial structure of martial arts, the development of standardized martial arts venues, equipment, clothing brands and markets, and to establish the level of economic and social development compatible with Chinese characteristics martial industrial system; the establishment of martial arts special development fund to encourage all kinds of enterprises institutions, social forces and individual donations or investments, and actively promote the interactive development of martial arts industry and related industries, improve the level of martial arts industry.

(32) to increase the supply of martial arts products, improve product quality and service levels, to guide the public consumption of martial arts.

Research and development as the main health martial arts tai chi class products, focusing on the development of martial arts fitness and recreation, competition performance, technical training and other services, products and increase supply capacity martial arts services, enhance the quality martial arts products and services; make full use of the “Internet + “,” + Internet “technology and intelligent technology to develop new martial arts fitness products manufacturing and consumer markets, encourage the development of Wushu aggregation, online training and other martial arts gym new formats to meet the growing masses of multi-level, diversified, diversity consumer demand of martial arts, martial arts guide rational consumption of different income groups.

Nine, to strengthen the organization construction associations, the media focus on doing promotion

(Thirty c) to strengthen organizational leadership and coordination at all levels of the organization to improve Wushu Association, a member unit of the annual implementation of the registration system, at all levels to strengthen the functions of Wushu Association, the Association to Advance Reform Exploration. Martial arts organizations to increase grassroots support, focus on strengthening the city / district, county Wushu Association building, form a highly efficient network unit members work organization, individual members exceeded 100 million, to promote the development of standardization Wushu Association.

(34%) pay attention to martial arts management team building, implementation and management staff regular training system, improve the quality of management and operational capacity, enhance the level of professional martial arts associations at all levels and service levels. Improve the incentive mechanism to attract talent, enhance vitality, to adapt to the construction of modern Wushu development needs of the professional management team, the role models to increase efforts to foster grass-roots management and staff; establish a sound database management system, science and the use of electronic means of modern office, improve work effectiveness.

(Thirty-five) focus on doing the media, effectively expanding the social influence of martial arts.

Enhanced sense of awareness, accelerate the martial arts information technology, network construction, improve the Chinese Wushu Association official website oriented, authoritative; integrated provinces martial arts website, network resources to build a large network of martial arts, martial arts encourage the creation of foreign language website; increasing foreign language version of the martial arts book publishing efforts to develop outstanding martial arts products for international tour.

(Thirty-six) strengthen media team building, training martial arts to promote its professionals.

Strengthening martial expertise martial arts advocates, training media expertise, training martial arts narration, music, choreography, compose other aspects of personnel, and actively promote the martial arts video filmed and database construction work to strengthen the self-media, new media and social Martial Arts Network guidance and management.



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